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Location: Ohio

Price: 13,000

Year/Model: 1953 Kaiser-Frazer
here is a great 1953 henry J Corsair Deluxe, the top of the line car offered by Kaiser Frazier. Rare car, Most became gassers, or are just gone. I traded this car for a Hot Rod because this car is in such great shape, but i kind of like hot rods, and this car is more of a sewing machine, the engine and transmission are nice and quiet, although the gars gas is a few years expired. .3 speed with overdrive manual transmission. The car is in great shape front to back top to bottom, all the chrome looks to be redone except for the wing vents, nice paint, a couple scratches along the fenderderlip edges. The interior looks to have been redone in original style, the brown looks like leather, definitely a pro job, they look like new, as does the chrome, i don't think they made enough of these cars to have molds for aftermarket parts. This is an exceptional example of one of these. I am not a henry Expert, but i love cars, and i know good from great, this is a great car just the way it sits. Car runs and drives, The gas in it is stale, and I think either the low octane or sediment has forced the use of the choke halfway out to idle. an old man had the car redone, then his health failed, the car was last on the road in 2013. Car come with spare parts, the original radio and manual. Car spent its restored life in a climate controlled garage, Although it was under a cover, a mouse somehow managed to find its way into the car and there are 2 holes in the headliner above the visor on drivers side. And the drivers side door glass does have a crack, We had it parked on a bit of a slope, opened the door, thought it would hole itself open, and it slammed.. I will take a partial trade as long as it isnt more than about half what I am asking, I kinda like to fix them up, not into bikes, if its newer, its gotta be awd or something my wife can deliver mail in, a rollback, or something form 1975 on back, can need work, but if it dont run, id like the drivetrain at least in it. I have spent the last month trying to find the value of this car, I have only found the base models, which averaged about 5 k more than what i am asking, they had 4 cylinders, and not nearly the chrome. NO Bikes, no 90's anything, No even trades, take something else cool and cash, feel free to call.

Contact Info:
Name: brian Phone: 7409892959
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Location: Little Hocking, Ohio, 45742   Show me location


front angle

top front


side view


driver door panel


pass dash

driver rear

passenger interior




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